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The UK domestic energy market now boasts around 60 different energy suppliers. This is in stark contrast to just a few years ago when the majority of us had our home energy provided by one of the so-called "big six".

The "Big 6" energy suppliers are:

As competition amongst the best energy suppliers has heated up, we have seen the emergence of new energy companies aggressively acquiring market share at an impressive rate.

The top "New" gas and electric suppliers are:

So why has this happened?

Ofgem, the energy regulator, encouraged new entrants to compete against the "big six" in order to give consumers more choice and ultimately to encourage energy switching which lacked behind other switching markets e.g. home insurance, at just 10% of consumers each year. As a result, this meant the vast the majority of UK homes were languishing on expensive Standard Variable Tariffs (SVTs) and paying an average of £300 a year more than they need to.

Fast forward a few years and the plan seems to have worked...a bit. The latest energy switching statistics show that around 19% of homes now switch their home gas and electricity each year. Whilst the growth in consumer choice and energy switching volumes has been welcoming (although let's not forget it means 81% aren't switching!), it has also had some downfalls namely due to poor customer service. As such, in June 2019, Ofgem (who energy companies are authorised and regulated by) announced plans to review market entry requirements and impose new rules to ensure consumers are protected. These measures include:

  • Ensuring new suppliers are financially stable to support their operations
  • Checking that directors and senior management are fit to hold a licence
  • Provide a customer service plan

This has been on the back of the collapse of a number of gas and electricity suppliers in recent years which has further fuelled consumer concerns when it comes to switching supplier.

With so much going on, and with so many suppliers and energy tariffs to choose from, this is where this guide comes in to help you learn about the different energy companies on offer when it comes to comparing energy prices on a energy price comparison site.

As an energy comparison service helping consumers switch energy suppliers, we feel it is our duty to not only make energy savings but also to help consumers learn more about their energy supplier including:

  • Who they are
  • How they are financed
  • Whether they provide good customer service
  • How competitive their pricing is
  • How they generate their energy
  • Do they generate green energy
  • Do they offer Smart Meters

The full list of licensed energy companies within the UK, along with their estimated customer count is shown below:

Energy Supplier% ShareNo. of Customers
Affect Energy-Compare Now >
Atlantic-Compare Now >
Avro Energy-Compare Now >
Better Energy-Compare Now >
Boost Energy-Compare Now >
Breeze Energy-Compare Now >
Brilliant Energy-Compare Now >
Bristol Energy-Compare Now >
British Gas19%5,130,000Compare Now >
Bulb Energy4%1,080,000Compare Now >
Co-Operative Energy1%270,000Compare Now >
Daligas-Compare Now >
E.ON12%3,240,000Compare Now >
EBICo-Compare Now >
Economy Energy-Compare Now >
Economy Seven Energy-Compare Now >
Ecotricity-Compare Now >
EDF Energy11%2,970,000Compare Now >
Engie-Compare Now >
Enstroga-Compare Now >
Entice Energy-Compare Now >
ESB Energy-Compare Now >
Eversmart Energy-Compare Now >
Extra Energy-Compare Now >
Fairer Power-Compare Now >
first:utility-Compare Now >
Flow Energy-Compare Now >
Foxglove Energy-Compare Now >
Future Energy-Compare Now >
GB Energy Supply-Compare Now >
Gen4U-Compare Now >
GnErgy-Compare Now >
Go Effortless Energy-Compare Now >
Good Energy-Compare Now >
Green-Compare Now >
Green Energy UK-Compare Now >
Green.Energy10,000Compare Now >
Green Network Energy-Compare Now >
Green Star Energy1%270,000Compare Now >
Gulf Gas & Power-Compare Now > Now >
IRESA Limited-Compare Now >
iSupply-Compare Now >
Leccy-Compare Now >
Lumo-Compare Now >
LOCO2 Energy-Compare Now >
M&S Energy-Compare Now >
Nabuh-Compare Now >
npower8%2,160,000Compare Now >
npower Select-Compare Now >
Octopus Energy2%540,000Compare Now >
Oink Energy-Compare Now >
One Select-Compare Now >
Orbit Energy-Compare Now >
Our Power-Compare Now >
Out Fox the Market-Compare Now >
Ovo Energy5%1,350,000Compare Now >
People's Energy-Compare Now >
PFP Energy-Compare Now >
Out Fox the Market-Compare Now >
Powershop-Compare Now >
Pure Planet100,000Compare Now >
Qwest-Compare Now >
Robin Hood Energy-Compare Now >
Sainsbury's Energy-Compare Now >
Scottish Power10%2,700,000Compare Now >
Shell Energy3%810,000Compare Now >
Simplicity-Compare Now >
So Energy170,000Compare Now >
Solarplicity-Compare Now >
Spark Energy-Compare Now >
SSE13%3,510,000Compare Now >
Southern Electric-Compare Now >
Scottish Hydro-Compare Now >
Swalec-Compare Now >
Telecom Utility Warehouse2%540,000Compare Now >
Together Energy-Compare Now >
Tonik125,000Compare Now >
Toto-Compare Now >
Usio Energy Supply Limited-Compare Now >
Utilita Energy2%540,000Compare Now >
Utility Point-Compare Now >
Yorkshire Energy-Compare Now >
Zog Energy-Compare Now >

We go in to more detail on each energy providers review page, but let's take a quick look at some of the key gas and electricity suppliers currently operating in the energy market:

British Gas

Owned by Centrica, British Gas remains the largest of all the energy suppliers holding around 5.1m customer accounts. However, that is significantly lower than a few years ago when they held 25% of the market. British Gas is also the incumbent gas supplier for the UK making it the only supplier to have a larger holding of gas customers than electricity.

EDF Energy

French owned EDF Energy is the incumbent energy supplier to London and holds around 3 million energy accounts within the UK. Self-promoted as "generation electric" they source more than 70% of their energy from nuclear power.


German owned energy giant E.ON (previously Powergen) is the incumbent electricity supplier to the midlands and holds around 4m energy accounts.


Incumbent electricity supplier to the midlands, north east and Yorkshire, npower (Innogy Plc) supply energy to around 3.75m residential and business energy customers.


Scottish & Southern was the 2nd largest energy supplier in the UK until recent years where, as with other "big six" suppliers, they have seen their pot of customers swallowed up by new more agile companies. In September 2019, they agreed to sell their retail business consisting of 3.5m customers to the rising star of the energy market - Ovo Energy in a deal worth £500m. SSE operates under a number of different brands including, Southern Electric, Scottish Hydro, SWALEC and Atlantic.

Scottish Power

Owned by Spanish energy giants Iberdrola, Scottish Power supplies energy to around 5 million households and businesses. They are also one of the first energy companies to fast-track their transition to renewable energy with claims to be 100% renewable "soon".

Ovo Energy

Launched in 2009, Ovo Energy has moved at lightning pace to disrupt the market and has grown to now hold 5% of the market. However, after news they will acquire SSE's retail arm, this will essentially see them become the UK's second largest energy company behind British Gas...and I doubt it will stop there.


Launched in 2013, Bulb is owned by two friends wanting to make a difference by offering cheap, simple and green energy. Another disruptor to the energy market they have struck a chord with consumers, growing their base to over 1 million customers with their 1 simple tariff offering and commitment to 100% green electricity.

So Energy

Launched in 2015, another new-comer to the energy market looking to make a change for the better. Estimated to have around 170,000 but with big growth plans for the years ahead as they too seek to offer consumers cheap, green energy with great customer service. With 4.5 stars from almost three thousands reviews on Trust Pilot, it looks like they are doing a good job.

Shell Energy

Yes Shell where you fill up your tank joined the UK energy market back in 2018 after acquiring First Utility. They claim to offer 100% renewable electricity as well as Shell reward points and broadband to their customers.

It is worth noting that energy companies only handle your energy bill and charge you for the gas and electricity you use at home on either a variable or fixed price tariff. The supply itself is actually handled by a different company known as the Distribution Network Operator (DNO). It is these companies who are responsible for ensuring your home is supplied with gas and/or electricity depending on where you live.

Details of which DNO covers each areas are below:

East EnglandUK Power Networks
East MidlandsWestern Power Distribution
LondonUK Power Networks
North Wales, Merseyside and CheshireScottish Power Energy Networks
West MidlandsWestern Power Distribution
North East EnglandNorthern Powergrid (Northeast)
North West EnglandElectricity North West
North ScotlandSSE (Scottish Hydro Electric)
South ScotlandScottish Power Energy Networks
South East EnglandUK Power Networks
Southern EnglandSSE (Southern Electric)
South WalesWestern Power Distribution
South West EnglandWestern Power Distribution
YorkshireNorthern Powergrid (Yorkshire)

So there you have it. Our summary of all the energy suppliers currently operating in the UK domestic, and business energy, market. This is a market that keeps changing so we will be sure to keep updating our content to ensure it presents you with the most accurate overview of all the energy companies you can choose from when looking to save money on your home energy bills whether that be comparing electricity or gas only, or dual fuel.

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