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Below is a full list of live Ovo Energy tariffs that you can switch to today at The Energy Shop:

Tariff Name Unit Price Standing Charge
Better Energy 15 July 2021 3.476p per kWh 27.92p per day Compare Now >
Better Smart 22 July 2021 3.696p per kWh 20.69p per day Compare Now >
OVO 2 Year Fixed Energy 15 July 2021 3.476p per kWh 27.92p per day Compare Now >
Simpler Energy 3.318p per kWh 26.60p per day Compare Now >


OVO energy are a new provider of gas and electricity in the UK. Based in Gloucestershire, they have launched a company which aims to be more customer focused than other energy suppliers.

They have developed simple, cost effective tariffs and invested in the most up to date IT systems to support their ambition of providing the best levels of customer service.

By keeping costs down, they aim to always offer excellent value to consumers. They currently offer two tariffs, standard (New energy) and green (Green energy); both are available either as dual fuel (gas and electricity) or electricity only.

OVO's energy tariffs are only available to customers who pay by direct debit and do not require a paper bill. Their UK call centres are open from Monday to Thursday, 9am to 5.30pm, and on Fridays from 9am to 5pm.

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