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The UK energy switching market has been on hold since September 2021 with savings and cheaper energy tariffs few and far between. Despite this, and record energy price hikes, we will always be here to provide a transparent view of the latest energy deals.
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Compare energy suppliers and their tariff

Compare energy suppliers and their tariffs

If it's been a while since you've moved energy suppliers, or you simply never have, you could be one of millions of households in the UK overspending on your energy bills.

The best way to make sure you're not overpaying on your energy is to compare current energy prices, and we're dedicated to finding the best deals to suit your needs. At The Energy Shop, we can guide you on how to switch supplier and make big savings on your bills. Use our energy price comparison service today to find out exactly how much you could be saving.

Not sure who your energy deal is currently with? Use our "who supplies my energy" tool to confirm the registered gas and electricity supplier to your property.


Compare all UK energy suppliers

Currently we are in a very turbulent energy market, and over the last 18 months have seen a number of energy suppliers that have gone bust. We keep on top of all energy supplier changes along with their latest prices so that you don't have to.

At The Energy Shop, we compare energy deals from all UK suppliers, including EDF Energy, OVO Energy, Octopus Energy and E.ON. We even compare some of the smaller energy suppliers, some you may not of heard of but are just as reliable as the larger companies.

To compare energy suppliers, we will ask a few questions on your energy usage and location and run the energy comparison on your behalf to find the best rates available in your area. Get a full list of energy suppliers by clicking be

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Compare energy tariffs

Over 15 million households in the UK are currently on a default or standard variable tariff. Energy price caps are in place for these types of tariffs, however as the price cap doesn't protect you from price fluctuations it might end up a more expensive option.

It's always best to consider a fixed rate plan to secure the price you pay and the best way to make big savings to energy bills is to switch your energy suppliers.

Compare gas, electricity and dual fuel

There are several options available to you when selecting your energy tariffs. You can look at separate electricity or gas tariffs or combine the two with a dual fuel tariff.

A dual fuel tariff is where you would purchase both electricity and gas from the same supplier. This can be both convenient and a money saving option with many providers offering discounts. However, you can still save on individual deals separately so we would always recommend running a price comparison first.


How to save money on your gas & electricity

How to save money on your gas & electricity

The cost of energy is a concern for many consumers. Despite this, the number of customers who have never switched supplier or have only switched once has only decreased from 61% to 49% since 2018 so there is still a high proportion of people who are more likely to be on an expensive default tariff and paying over the odds.

The energy market is also currently dominated by six large energy suppliers who are well-known names. These suppliers can attract consumers with cheap onboarding tariffs but once they expire you might be automatically rolled onto more expensive tariffs.

We compare a huge list of reliable energy suppliers who provide the highest quality of service to make sure you're saving as much as possible on your energy rates.

How to Choose a new gas & electricity energy supplier

Your property details
We'll find you the best deals
Switch and relax

Other reasons to compare and switch energy suppliers

Price is the biggest reason when it comes to choosing a supplier with most people looking to reduce their energy bills. However, prices and tariffs can fluctuate dependent on requirements, an ever-changing number of energy suppliers in the domestic energy retail market, there's a lot on offer.

The best deal for some will mean a high level of customer service, a focus on environmental output, or need specific tariffs - such as fixed deals, time of day, or those with no exit fee.

Other reasons to compare and switch energy suppliers

What to look for when comparing energy deals

The best way to find the right deal for you is to use our energy comparison service. When choosing a new supplier, options you might want to weigh up are:

Supplier's customer service rating
Environmentally friendly
Energy Switch Guarantee

Energy Comparison (FAQs)

We answer your most frequently asked energy questions below.

Comparing gas and electricity prices and switching can save you money.

The latest 'State of the Energy Market' report from Ofgem shows that the number of unengaged customers is still high, and those who are unengaged are more likely to be on an expensive default tariff and paying over the odds.

The Energy Shop is a free and trusted energy comparison site when it comes to comparing gas and electricity. Founder members of the Ofgem Confidence Code back in 2003, our team of experts are dedicated to monitoring the energy market each day to find the best possible energy deals, whether you want to switch to a fixed rate tariff or find the best green energy deal to help do your bit for the environment.

Right now, due to the energy crisis, there isn't any real savings to be made that is why we are advising people not to switch and stay with their current supplier.

At The Energy Shop, we can guide you through exactly how to switch supplier and get the best rate all in a matter of minutes.

We do this by running a price comparison comparing tariffs from all of the UK's energy suppliers and showing all deals that meet your criteria for your area. To get started with the comparison, we will request some information about your location, current energy deal and usage. You can find all these details in your latest bill.

Once you have found the supplier and deal you wish to move to and confirmed the contract and payment method, your new supplier will contact you with a switching date. Ofgem has protocols in place to ensure switching is completed within 21 days if the supplier is part of the Energy Switch Guarantee. The average turnaround for switching supplier is around 17 days.

If you change your mind, you have 14 days to cancel from agreement.

No, don't cancel your direct debits if switching supplier.

This will be handled between the energy companies. If your energy supplier has gone bust and you have outstanding credit or debt, this will be sorted through the new supplier that Ofgem allocates to you.

There's no hard and fast rule of when to switch energy suppliers. However if it's been a while since you last switched or you haven't switched energy supplier before, we would highly recommend comparing and switching. Other times it would be useful to think about switching is:

You don't need to be in credit to switch energy supplier, however there are different regulations based on the amount of debt you have and the type of tariff you currently use as to whether you can switch immediately or not. Rules are different again if you are in debt but use a prepayment meter.

If you're failing to pay your energy bills there are a number of steps you can take to avoid any disruption with your supply, and to help you repay what you owe.

Whether you can switch energy supplier whilst in rented accommodation will depend on who is named on the energy bills and who is responsible for paying them.

If the bills are in your name and you are making payments then you can change supplier as you wish. If the bills are in the name of the property owner, landlord, or an appointed agent, it is a decision they will need to make. If you are in this situation we would still recommend discussing with the relevant party.

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