Tonik energy goes bust

Gas and electricity supplier, Tonik Energy, ceased trading in October 2020, with around 130,000 domestic customers moving to new supplier ScottishPower.

The independent regulatory authority, Ofgem, appointed ScottishPower as the new supplier following a competitive process to find the best deal for Tonik customers. As a regulatory body, Ofgem focus on the priorities of the consumer over the energy suppliers.

If you're worried about your energy supplier going bust, you can find more details here on what to expect and what you need to do beforehand.

As A Tonik Energy Customer - What Happens Now?

If you're a Tonik Energy customer, rest assured that your energy supply will continue and you will not face any disruption. From 10th October customers will have been transferred to a new contract with ScottishPower with the supplier contacting them to give details on what happens next.

If you're yet to hear from them, give them a call to confirm all details of your new energy deal, including which tariff you are currently on, what you'd like to move to and payment information.

What will happen to my tariff when I move to a new supplier?

Your existing tariff will have come to end as Tonik Energy ceased to trade. During the interim period whilst Ofgem were appointing a new supplier, you'll have been moved onto a ‘deemed' contract, which allows you to continue using gas and electricity. During this period you may have found your bills go up.

Now the move to ScottishPower has been completed, you can speak to the new supplier and ask to be moved to a cheaper energy tariff, or one more suitable to your needs. You may also find they are to honour your previous tariff.

If you're not happy with the new supplier, or tariffs being supplied, you can choose to switch to another provider completely. If this is the route you want to take, you won't be charged any exit fees. We'd recommend using our energy price comparison tool to find out exactly how much you could be saving and to ensure you find the best energy deal for you.

What will happen to any money I am owed or owe Tonik Energy?

If you're owed any money on your account this will be honoured by ScottishPower. This includes both past and present domestic customers of Tonik Energy.

The same situation stands for if you have any money you owe outstanding. This may come with you to the new supplier where you can either pay the amount owed, or set up a payment plan to reduce the debt. However, some suppliers may not take on the previous debt and you may owe to the administrator.

Wait for ScottishPower to contact you with relevant instructions on how this will work.

What about cancelling my direct debits?

You don't need to cancel your direct debit but there won't be an issue if you have done. ScottishPower will contact you on setting up new payment details, or whether you want to keep the existing ones in place.

I've started switching suppliers - help!

If you're moving away from Tonik Energy, the switch will continue and you will move to your chosen supplier as normal. Any payments to Tonik should cancel automatically but check your direct debits, and if not, cancel these manually after completion.

If you were moving to Tonik Energy, again the switch should continue as normal, however you will be moved to ScottishPower as a result of being appointed by Ofgem. If you're unhappy with this decision then you can switch again without paying exit fees.

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