Finding Your Gas & Electric Supply Numbers

Sometimes when you try to compare electricity prices, you are asked for the 'Meter Point Access Number', which is also called the MPAN or S Number. This number is 21 digits long, consists only of numbers and uniquely identifies your supply point to the supplier. This identifying reference is important because the energy supplier can be sure to take over the correct property and bill the right meter if the MPAN is there. It may also help to speed up the switch to the new supplier.

We are asked this question a lot, so first of all - here is where you will NOT find the MPAN. The MPAN will not be on the meter itself. There is of course a serial number stamped or printed onto the meter, but this does not help. The MPAN should also not be mistaken with the customer reference number your electricity supplier has assigned to you, which is printed on your bill and serves as a reference to you as a person, but not to your supply point.

But the bill is generally a great place to look for the MPAN, because by law this number must be printed there. Trust us it is there! If you struggle to find it then that is because there are no firm rules on how the number is formatted and presented. For example, some energy suppliers will print the number in small letters on the back of the bill. Some will only display 13 digits, and not the whole 21 digits.

What does the MPAN look like?

a MPAN showing two rows of numbers

The top half of the MPAN tells the supplier what kind of electricity you need. The bottom half identifies the location, and it is that section - digits 9 to 21 - that is sometimes needed when you switch supplier.

If you do not have a bill handy but know who your supplier is, you can also get your MPAN over the phone straight from the supplier. This type of information is held by the electricity supplier's Meter Point Administration Service departments (MPAS). Have a look at your bill for your current supplier customer service number.

How to find my gas supply number?

Your gas Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) does the same job as the MPAN, for your gas supply, and finding it is also quite the same job. The MPRN helps the supplier locate your meter. Note, however, that this number (again, no letters, number only!) will only be between eight to ten digits long. The supplier may have tried to hide it away again but the MPRN number will be printed somewhere on your bill. It is typically shown in one row of numbers and prefaced with the letter M.

Below is an example of an MPRN from one of our Octopus Energy bills.

MPRN from Octopus energy bill

What do I do when I don't know who my gas and electricity suppliers are?

If you have just moved into the property and don't know who supplies your electricity, then your first task is to call your so-called Distribution Network Operator (DNO).

What is this now, you ask?

Great Britain is split up into 14 electricity distribution regions (Northern Ireland is integrated with the Republic of Ireland's grid which works differently). Each region has a DNO company whose job it is to maintain the electricity infrastructure and organise the distribution of electricity in that area. DNOs are responsible for the electricity network grid in your area and will know who supplies your property. By the way, the DNO should also be able to tell you what your MPAN number is which might save you a second call to the electricity supplier.

With the help of the map below, you should be able to work out the name and number of the DNO you need to call.

Area Company Telephone No
North Scotland Scottish & Southern Energy 0800 048 3515
South Scotland Scottish Power Energy Networks 0141 614 0145
North East England Northern Powergrid 0845 0702703
North West Electricity North West Ltd 0800 048 1820
Yorkshire Northern Powergrid 0845 0702703
East Midlands Western Power Distribution 0845 724 0240
West Midlands Western Power Distribution 0845 724 0240
Eastern England UK Power Networks 0845 601 4516
South Wales Western Power Distribution 0845 724 0240
Southern England Scottish & Southern Energy 0800 048 3516
London UK Power Networks 0845 601 4516
South East England UK Power Networks 0845 601 4516
South West England Western Power Distribution 0845 724 0240
North Wales, Merseyside
and Cheshire
Scottish Power Energy Networks 0845 270 0783

I am confused, can you summarise this for me please?

If you are being asked to provide your MPAN or MPRN, then:

  • Check your energy bill for your MPAN and MPRN numbers
  • If you don't know who supplies your gas and electricity because you have just moved into the property then check the table and talk to the DNO company that maintains the electricity or call National Grid. If the query is about gas, then call National Grid.
  • Make a energy comparison to see who is the cheapest gas and electricity supplier in your area
  • Switch your energy supplier

When you're ready to start your energy price comparison at The Energy Shop.

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