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Who is my Gas & Electricity Supplier?

Often one of the first questions to be asked when someone is moving home is "who is my energy supplier?". This is an important question to answer and the sooner you know the better. In the article below, we'll walk you through how to find who provides your energy, how to ensure you don't pay for the previous tenants consumption and how to switch energy supplier to ensure you're getting the best possible deal for your home energy supply.

If you're yet to move in to your new home, finding out who supplies your energy before you move can help get the ball rolling and ease up on the stress of trying to find out when you're actually in the property and consuming the energy yourself. If you're already in the house (congratulations!), fear not it's the same process. So let's get started.

Who Supplies my Gas?

For Gas, it's one number and that is for the 'Consumer Enquiry Service'. Here, you need to call 0870 608 1524 and follow the instructions. To find out the current gas supplier, and your Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN), press 2 and then 2 again to speak to an operator. The call will take approximately 2 minutes after listening to the automated messages about data privacy. Please note that calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone company's access charge. Now you're ready to compare gas prices.

Who Supplies my Electricity?

For Electricity, the number varies depending on where in the country you are. Here is a list of numbers to help you find the relevant one. Once you have found you current electric supplier it's time to compare electricity prices to find a cheaper deal.

Let us find your supplier
AreaCompanyTelephone No
North ScotlandScottish & Southern Energy0800 048 3515
South ScotlandScottish Power Energy Networks0141 614 0145
North East EnglandNorthern Powergrid0845 0702703
North WestElectricity North West Ltd0800 048 1820
YorkshireNorthern Powergrid0845 0702703
East MidlandsWestern Power Distribution0845 724 0240
West MidlandsWestern Power Distribution0845 724 0240
Eastern EnglandUK Power Networks0845 601 4516
South WalesWestern Power Distribution0845 724 0240
Southern EnglandScottish & Southern Energy0800 048 3516
LondonUK Power Networks0845 601 4516
South East EnglandUK Power Networks0845 601 4516
South West EnglandWestern Power Distribution0845 724 0240
North Wales, Merseyside
and Cheshire
Scottish Power Energy Networks0845 270 0783

Once you have confirmed your current gas and electricity supplier you have two more steps when you're in the property and now legally responsible for the energy consumed.

1) Take a meter reading and write it down to confirm what energy usage your household is liable for. You can then contact the existing energy supplier(s) and provide this information to ensure you are not billed for the previous tenants energy consumption (trust us it happens!) and that your first energy bill is accurate.

2) Find out what tariff you are on. Usually, when a new tenant moves in to a property the existing energy supplier(s) will automatically move the property to their "standard variable" tariff. This isn't good especially when you've got more important things to be spending your money on than gas and electricity. So, start an energy price comparison today and switch!

For ease this could be with the existing supplier on a cheaper option OR by using an Ofgem accredited energy comparison website (like us!) to find a better deal. The energy switch has no impact on your energy supply and simply means you pay a lower rate for your energy consumption. The switch itself will take approximately 21-days from application meaning you'll be with your new supplier and saving money before you've emptied your last box.

And that's it. You know your gas and electricity supplier, you've taken a meter reading, you've found out what tariff you're on and you're protecting your energy bills by switching to a cheaper tariff. Now back to those boxes..."where did I put the cutlery?!".

If you want us to email this to you, with a few reminders along the way, email us at and we'll pick this up. This isn't an automated service, we'll do this manually and in person. A sort of house warming present if you like.

Compare Energy Prices. Switch & Save up to £383!

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