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The best way to get a better deal on your electricity prices is to let the experts at The Energy Shop do all the hard work and run a electricity price comparison for you.

Unlike other energy price comparison sites and energy brokers who might only compare deals from a select panel of suppliers, we compare electricity prices from all energy suppliers across the entire market - this means you can be sure you're on the best rates available in your area.

To compare electricity prices, simply enter your postcode and you'll be taken to our Ofgem-accredited comparison tool. All you then need to do is tell us a bit more about your current supplier and energy usage, and we'll instantly compare electricity rates and show you the best electricity deals currently available.

To help you find out your electricity usage, you can use our handy electricity cost calculator to find out how many kWh your appliances are using.

You then choose the deal that suits you best, and we take care of the rest - our switching tool will automatically send your application securely to your supplier of choice, who will then let your current supplier know that you want to leave. The whole switch should be completed within 21 days.

If you're a business then read our guide on how to compare business electricity rates.

Who is the cheapest electricity supplier?

Below is a live list of the cheapest electricity suppliers based on their cost per kWh and standing charge.

Supplier Tariff Avg Electricity Price (p/kWh) Daily Standing Charge
OVO energy Simpler Energy 33.38p 37.00p Compare prices >
Utility Warehouse Value 33.46p 36.00p Compare prices >

For comparison purposes, energy prices shown above are based on the London region ONLY. Prices may vary depending on the region you live in. To see the best deals for where you are, run a comparison using our Ofgem approved energy switching tool.

What are the average electricity prices across the UK?

The average cost of electricity per kWh is 34.04p. Here is the breakdown per region:

RegionAverage Electricity Price (p/kWh)
South East35.31p
South West33.86p
Merseyside and North Wales35.98p
South Wales33.97p
East Midlands33.02p
North West33.48p
Southern Scotland33.76p
Northern Scotland33.07p

Unit rates based on government's EPG from 1st October 2022 and inclusive of VAT.

What is the average electricity standing charge in my region?

The average standing charge for electricity is 46.36p per day across the UK.

Here is the breakdown per region:

RegionAverage Electricity Standing Charge (p/day)
South East42.68p
South West52.64p
Merseyside and North Wales48.60p
South Wales49.17p
East Midlands45.77p
North West43.26p
Southern Scotland50.66p
Northern Scotland51.07p

Standing Charges Based on Ofgem price cap effective from 1st October 2022 and inclusive of VAT.

Why should I compare electricity prices?

If you've never switched electricity supplier, or your fixed rate deal has come to an end, then you'll be on your supplier's more expensive standard variable rate tariff.

Comparing electricity prices and switching energy supplier is the only way to make sure you're on the best electricity deal and paying the cheapest rates.

But even if you're paying the cheapest electricity rates available, you may want to switch to a supplier that offers a better level of customer service - a number of smaller energy suppliers have gone bust as a result of customers leaving due to poor service, even though their rates have been among the cheapest on the market.

Whatever your reason for switching, it's important to compare electricity tariffs from across the market, to make sure you get the deal to suit your budget, alongside the service to suit your needs.

What do I need to switch electricity suppliers?

When comparing electricity prices with The Energy Shop, we only need details about your current address, supplier and energy usage to find the cheapest energy deals on the market.

The more accurate the information you can give us, the more accurately we can quote you, so it helps if you can have a copy of your most recent electricity bill to hand, which will show how much electricity you use each month, or how much you spend. Your bill will also include the details of your current supplier and the name of your tariff.

If you don't know how much energy you use, we can still estimate your households average energy usage based upon the size of the property you live in - simply choose 'Help me estimate' in the 'Your usage' section of the comparison tool.

If you plan to pay your supplier by Direct Debit, you'll also need to have your bank details to hand when switching. If you have recently moved into a new property and are not sure who your current electricity supplier is, then you can find out by reading our 'Who is my electricity supplier' guide.

How much is the average electricity bill?

£578 is the average electricity bill according to the latest stats - that works out at around half, 46.1% of your annual energy bill, if you're on dual fuel tariff.

It's difficult to accurately work out the average cost of electricity bills, as costs vary compared to usage, energy efficiency, and even whereabouts in the country you live. And if you're an electricity-only customer and use electric heaters and cooking facilities, then your electricity usage - and bills - will be higher.

Are electricity bills rising or falling?

Electricity tariffs and prices are currently falling, but you can still save money by switching.

Most people will be feeling the effects of falling prices through the government's Energy Price Cap, which cut the cost of a standard variable rate tariff by 6% in October 2019, knocking around £75 off the average dual fuel bill.

Even so, switching to a fixed rate deal remains the most effective way to reduce your electricity bills and protect against any future price rises. Run a price comparison to see how much you could save when you switch energy supplier.

How can I cut my electricity bills?

Switching to a better deal is the simplest way to cut your electricity bills - switch with this month and you could save £100's.

It also helps to supplement these savings with energy efficiency measures that can help cut your usage and further cut your bills - this could be something as drastic as installing solar panels to something as simple as turning the lights off in empty rooms.

Other ways to cut your electricity costs include:

  • Only ever wash a full load in the washing machine or dishwasher
  • Fit energy efficient light bulbs around the home
  • Replace old appliances with newer, more energy efficient models
  • Don't leave televisions and games consoles on standby
  • Keep your fridge and freezer as full as possible so they're working more efficiently.

To see how much you could save on the cost of your annual energy bills, run an electricity price comparison with us today.

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