Find out which energy suppliers have gone bust

Navigating the volatile landscape of energy supply, customers often face the uncertainty of their chosen provider going bust. Since 2018, a staggering 40 energy suppliers have folded, leaving nearly 6 million customers in the lurch and forced to switch providers. This article provides an up-to-date list of defunct energy suppliers, the number of affected customers, and their new energy providers. We'll also offer guidance on what steps to take if your energy supplier ceases operations.

A list of energy suppliers who have gone bust:

The table below shows which energy suppliers have gone bust to date including the number of customers affected and who their new energy supplier will be:

Energy Supplier When No. of Customers New Supplier
Whoop Energy 18/02/2022 262 Yu Energy
Xcel Power Ltd 18/02/2022 274 Yu Energy
Together Energy (inc Bristol Energy) 18/01/2022 176,000 British Gas
Zog Energy 01/12/2021 11,700 EDF Energy
Orbit Energy 25/11/2021 65,000 Scottish Power
Entice Energy 25/11/2021 5,400 Scottish Power
Bulb Energy 22/11/2021 1,700,000 Special Administration Process
Social Energy Supply 16/11/2021 5,500 British Gas
Neon Reef 16/11/2021 30,000 British Gas
CNG Energy 04/11/2021 41,000 (Business) Pozitive Energy
Zebra Power 02/11/2021 14,800 British Gas
Omni Energy Ltd 02/11/2021 6,000 Utilita
Ampoweruk Ltd 02/11/2021 600 + 2000 (Business) Yu Energy
MA Energy 02/11/2021 300 (Business) SmartestEnergy
Bluegreen Energy 02/11/2021 5,900 British Gas
GOTO Energy 18/10/2021 22,000 Shell Energy
Daligas 14/10/2021 9,000 Shell Energy
Pure Planet 13/10/2021 235,000 Shell Energy
Colorado Energy 13/10/2021 15,000 Shell Energy
Igloo Energy 29/09/2021 179,000 E.ON
Symbio Energy 29/09/2021 48,000 E.ON
ENSTROGA 29/09/2021 6,000 E.ON
Avro Energy 22/09/2021 580,000 Octopus Energy
Green 22/09/2021 255,000 Shell Energy
Utility Point 14/09/2021 220,000 EDF Energy
People's Energy 14/09/2021 350,000 British Gas
PFP Energy 07/09/2021 80,000 British Gas
Money Plus Energy Ltd 07/09/2021 9,000 British Gas
Hub Energy 09/08/2021 6,000 E.ON
Green Network Energy 27/01/2021 360,000 EDF Energy
Simplicity Energy 27/01/2021 50,000 British Gas
Yorkshire Energy 02/12/2020 74,000 Scottish Power
Tonik Energy 06/10/2020 130,000 Scottish Power
Go Effortless Energy 03/09/2020 2,500 Octopus Energy
GnERGY 18/03/2020 9,000 Bulb Energy
Breeze Energy 18/12/2019 18,000 British Gas
Toto Energy 18/12/2019 134,000 EDF Energy
Uttily Energy 15/10/2019 280 (Business) Total Gas and Power
Eversmart Energy 06/09/2019 29,000 Utilita
Solarplicity 13/08/2019 7,500 SSE
Cardiff Energy Supply 09/08/2019 800 SSE
Brilliant Energy 11/03/2019 17,000 SSE
Our Power 25/01/2019 31,000 Utilita
Economy Energy 08/01/2019 235,000 Ovo Energy
One Select 10/12/2018 36,000 Together Energy
Spark Energy 10/12/2018 290,000 Ovo Energy
Extra Energy 21/11/2018 108,000 Scottish Power
Usio Energy 15/10/2018 7,000 First Utility
Gen4U 13/09/2018 500 Octopus Energy
Iresa 13/09/2018 90,000 Octopus Energy
National Gas and Power Limited 25/07/2018 22,000 Hudson Energy
Future Energy 13/09/2018 170,000 Green Star Energy
TOTAL   5,900,316

What should I do if my energy supplier goes bust?

If you're energy supplier has gone bust, it is important to know that your energy supply will NOT be interrupted. Ofgem will choose a supplier for all affected customers as an interim solution. For more information, check out our guide on what to do if your energy supplier has gone bust.

It is at this point that you should compare energy prices and see if a new energy supplier is a better option for you.

How many energy companies have gone bust?

In total 40 energy suppliers have gone bust since 2018. The table below shows the number of customers that have been displaced each year.

Year Total Customers Displaced
2022 176,536
2021 4,312,200
2020 215,500
2019 472,580
2018 723,500
TOTAL 5,900,316

Frequently Asked Questions

Has SSE gone bust?

SSE has not gone bust; it was acquired by OVO Energy, thus it's now part of the OVO family. Customers of SSE should now engage with OVO for their energy needs.

Has OVO energy gone bust?

No, OVO Energy is still operational. In fact, it has expanded by acquiring SSE's retail services, making it one of the prominent energy suppliers in the market.

Has Utilita gone bust?

Utilita is still in business, continuing to supply energy, particularly pre-paid gas and electricity to homes across the UK.

Has Eon gone bust?

E.ON has not gone bust. It remains one of the leading energy companies in the UK, providing electricity and gas to a large customer base.

Is E energy going bust?

There's no current indication that E Energy is going bust. They are active and continue to supply energy services to their customers.

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