Which energy suppliers have gone bust and those at risk of going bust next?

Last updated: 10/11/2021

If your energy supplier has gone bust then, then be sure to read our guide on what to do if your energy supplier has gone bust.

More of the UK's energy suppliers are expected to go bust so be sure to check back here for an up-to-date list as soon as Ofgem has confirmed any further news.

This year a total of 16 energy suppliers have gone bust with more to be expected for the year is out.

Which energy suppliers have gone bust?

Here is a list of the energy companies that have gone bust to date including the amount of customers they were responsible for and who their new energy supplier will be:

Energy SupplierDate Supplier Went BustNo. of CustomersNew Supplier
CNG Energy04/11/202141,000 (Business)Pozitive Energy
Zebra Power02/11/202114,800British Gas
Omni Energy Ltd02/11/20216,000Utilita
Ampoweruk Ltd02/11/2021600 + 2000 (Business)Yu Energy
MA Energy02/11/2021300 (Business)SmartestEnergy
Bluegreen Energy02/11/20215,900British Gas
GOTO Energy18/10/202122,000Shell Energy
Daligas14/10/20219,000Shell Energy
Pure Planet13/10/2021235,000Shell Energy
Colorado Energy13/10/202115,000Shell Energy
Igloo Energy29/09/2021179,000E.ON
Symbio Energy29/09/202148,000E.ON
Avro Energy22/09/2021580,000Octopus Energy
Green22/09/2021255,000Shell Energy
Utility Point14/09/2021220,000EDF Energy
People's Energy14/09/2021350,000British Gas
PFP Energy 07/09/202180,000British Gas
Money Plus Energy Ltd07/09/20219,000British Gas
Hub Energy09/08/20216,000E.ON
Green Network Energy 27/01/2021360,000EDF Energy
Simplicity Energy27/01/202150,000British Gas
Yorkshire Energy02/12/202074,000Scottish Power
Tonik Energy06/10/2020130,000Scottish Power
Go Effortless Energy03/09/20202,500Octopus Energy
GnERGY18/03/20209,000Bulb Energy
Breeze Energy18/12/201918,000British Gas
Toto Energy18/12/2019134,000EDF Energy
Uttily Energy15/10/2019280 (Business)Total Gas and Power
Eversmart Energy06/09/201929,000Utilita
Cardiff Energy Supply09/08/2019800SSE
Brilliant Energy11/03/201917,000SSE
Our Power25/01/201931,000Utilita
Economy Energy08/01/2019235,000Ovo Energy
One Select 10/12/201836,000Together Energy
Spark Energy10/12/2018290,000Ovo Energy
Extra Energy21/11/2018108,000Scottish Power
Usio Energy15/10/20187,000First Utility
Gen4U13/09/2018500Octopus Energy
Iresa13/09/201890,000Octopus Energy
National Gas and Power Limited25/07/201822,000Hudson Energy
Future Energy13/09/2018170,000Green Star Energy

What should I do if my energy supplier goes bust?

If you're energy supplier has gone bust, it is important to know that your energy supply will NOT be interrupted. Ofgem will choose a supplier for all affected customers as an interim solution. For more information, check out our guide on what to do if your energy supplier has gone bust.

It is at this point that you should compare energy prices and see if a new energy supplier is a better option for you.

Whilst choosing a new supplier may not come down to price in this current climate, you may prefer to decide based on the quality of customer service offered. See our guide on the best energy suppliers in 2021.

How many energy companies have gone bust?

In total 40 energy suppliers have gone bust. The table below shows the number of customers that have been displaced each year with 2021 far outpacing the previous years.

YearTotal Customers Displaced

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