British Gas

British Gas is the trading name of Centrica plc in England and Wales. The company is more commonly known as Scottish Gas in Scotland and Nwy Prydain in Wales.

Centrica plc is a UK quoted FTSE 100 energy company. It was formed in 1997 from the demerger of the previous monopoly gas supplier, British Gas, into two separate companies - one focussing on upstream oil and gas activities, and the other (Centrica) focussing on energy supply and related activities.

British Gas is the largest supplier of gas and electricity to UK households and businesses. It currently supplies in excess of 11 million households with gas and in excess of 6 million households with electricity. It also offers a range of complimentary services such as central heating care.

British Gas Tariffs

Here is a full list of the energy tariffs currently available on The Energy Shop for UK domestic energy customers to switch to:

Tariff Name Electricity Unit Price Electricity Standing Charge Gas Unit Price Gas Standing Charge
Standard Variable 19.001p per kWh 24.03p per day 3.327p per kWh 26.60p per day Compare Now >

British Gas' supply business is supported by its energy trading and energy storage businesses. The group is also involved in energy supply and related activities in the United States, Canada and some of the newly deregulating markets in continental Europe.

British Gas has its head office in Staines and operations throughout the UK. Its customer service centre operates 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday, and 8am to 6pm on Saturdays.

Please note that, if you have a boiler and central heating service contract with British Gas (this service plan is often known as British Gas 3 star cover) this will NOT be affected in any way if you decide to switch your gas and electricity supply. Your 3 star service contract is completely separate from any contract that you have with British Gas for the supply of gas and electricity and will continue to run unaffected, even if British Gas is no longer your gas and electricity supplier.

Who Owns British Gas?

British Gas is owned by Centrica, a UK based company with operations in the production of oil and gas and the supply of natural gas and electricity.

The company floats on the FTSE100 under the TIDM 'CNA' with a market cap of £4.5billion.

Despite losing residential customers, as competition heats up in the UK energy market, Centrica is looking to grow their business through "bolt-on" products and services to cross-sell to their existing customer base e.g. their successful "Hive" home heating system. They also recently reported that customer losses in their residential energy supply business had slowed as switching from larger to smaller suppliers starts to slow due to concerns surrounding the stability of such smaller businesses. According to data from EnergyUK, domestic energy switching between "large and small" energy suppliers has dropped from 39.1% in October 2018 to 32.1% in October 2019.

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