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Compare cheap gas prices and switch supplier to save up to £200 in September 2020. See how much you can save with our Ofgem accredited gas comparison tool.

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"Switching your home gas supplier, or tariff, is a quick and hassle-free way to put money back in to your pocket. If you can, we recommend switching both your gas and electricity to the one supplier to maximise your savings and to keep all your bills in one place."

- Scott Byrom, Head of energy

Top 10 Cheapest Gas Deals

Based on the average gas consumption of 12,000kWh, here are the best gas only deals available today:

Supplier Tariff Name Estimated Annual Bill
Zog Energy Mercury 12 v39 £351.25 Compare Now >
Utility Point Just Join UP 12M Fixed Wk23 £375.11 Compare Now >
Gulf Gas & Power UK Gulf Home Renewable 12 October 21 v1 £389.98 Compare Now >
SSE Swalec Online Energy v5 (paperless billing) £390.98 Compare Now >
So Energy So Birch Essential ? Green £391.32 Compare Now >
Zog Energy Mercury 24 (v25) £391.88 Compare Now >
SSE Swalec Online Energy v5 £416.24 Compare Now >
Utility Warehouse Green Fixed 4 £420.85 Compare Now >
So Energy So Birch ? Green £424.84 Compare Now >
SSE Swalec SSE Fix and Fibre v2 £430.61 Compare Now >

Gas Price Comparison FAQs

How can I compare gas prices? How much is the average gas bill? We answer your most frequently asked questions below.

How can I compare gas prices?

The simplest way to compare gas prices and switch to a cheaper deal is to use TheEnergyShop's price comparison tool. All you need to do is pick the gas deal that suits you best, and our energy experts will do all the hard work for you, handling the switch from start to finish.

To run a gas price comparison, just enter your postcode in the box at the top of the page and you'll be taken to our Ofgem-accredited energy price comparison tool. Give us a few more details about your current energy tariff and usage, and we'll instantly compare gas prices from suppliers in your area.

And, unlike those energy comparison websites that only compare deals from a selected panel of gas suppliers, we compare gas prices from every supplier, so you can be sure you're on the best tariff.

Although not essential (we can estimate your gas usage based upon your house size), it helps if you can have your latest bill to hand that shows your actual meter readings and energy usage. And to get a better all-round view of your energy usage, look for the amount you spend or use over the course of a whole year - if you enter your summer usage, when your gas consumption is low, you risk running an inaccurate comparison.

Once you've found a deal that suits, just click 'Apply now' and we take care of the rest - our switching tool will automatically send your application securely to your supplier of choice, who will then let your current gas supplier know that you want to leave. The whole switch should be completed within 21 days.

One of the best things about switching gas supplier with is that you don't need a great deal of information to find the best gas deals and switch supplier. To compare gas prices from across the market, we just need to know your current address, supplier and how much gas you use or how much money you spend on gas each month, quarter or year.

If you don't know how much gas you use or how much money you spend on gas, our comparison tool can estimate your households average usage based upon the size of the property you live in - just click on 'Help me estimate' in the 'Your usage' section.

But it does help if you can have your actual usage figures to hand, as the more accurate the information you can give us, the more accurately we can quote you. If possible, get hold of a copy of your latest gas bill, as this will show how much you use each month, or how much you spend. Your bill will also include the details of your current supplier and the name of your energy tariff.

If you want to pay for your energy by Direct Debit - always a good idea as suppliers will often give Direct Debit customers a discount - you'll also need to have your bank details at thre ready.

When you switch gas supplier, does all the hard work for you - once you've told us the deal you want to switch to, we'll take care of the rest of the switch and let both your old and new supplier's know what's happening.

Your old supplier will be in touch to take a final meter reading, so it can close your account and send you your final bill, and your new supplier will send a welcome pack through the post and ask for a meter reading so it can open your account.

Provided there are no issues or problems, the whole switch will take no longer than 21 days from the time you applied, which includes 14-day cooling off period, during which time you're free to back out of the switch without incurring a penalty.

No, there'll be no disruption to your supply when you switch gas supplier. Nothing changes other than a different supplier billing you for the energy you use.

The average UK household spends £676 a year on gas, according to the latest stats, which works out at more than half (54%) of the average annual dual fuel energy bill.

It's difficult to accurately work out the cost of an average gas bill, as rates vary depending upon usage, energy efficiency, and even the area of the country you live in. And your gas bills are likely to be higher in autumn and winter, when the temperature drops and the heating is cranked up to keep warm.

Using The Energy Shop's Ofgem-accredited comparison tool is the simplest way to find the cheapest gas prices and compare deals from every supplier in your area. We compare the whole energy market to give you the most accurate view of the best energy prices on offer and the money you could save by switching.

If you want to get the most accurate gas quotes, you'll need to let us know how much gas you use each month, quarter or year. This means you might have to convert the gas units shown on your meter into kilowatt hours (kWh) - here's how:

  • If you have an Imperial Meter (ft3), multiply your units by 31.6586 to work out the kWh. This is an older meter and will you will see "ft3" on the meter, which means it's an Imperial reading.
  • If you have a Metric Meter (m3), multiply your units by 11.1868 to work out the kWh. This is a newer meter and you will see "m3" meaning the meter is measuring in cubic meters.

To find out more, check out our guide to converting gas units into kWh.

The easiest way to cut your gas bills is to start a gas comparison to find a better energy tariff - switch to the cheapest gas supplier with this month and you could save up to £200.

Once you've switched, you can increase your savings by being more energy efficient. So consider the following to help cut your annual gas bills:

  • Install a new, more energy efficient boiler
  • Make sure your radiators aren't covered by furniture or curtains
  • Turn down the thermostat by one degree
  • Block up any draughts from windows or doors
  • Consider fitting double glazing as well as cavity wall and loft insulation.

To see how much you could save on the cost of your annual energy bills, run a gas price comparison with us today.

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