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On the 15th September 2021, our CEO Scott Byrom made the bold claim on Twitter that "The energy market is going to wake up tomorrow and realise that 'Price Comparison Websites' are out of stock and the shelves are bare." He couldn't have been more right.

What followed could only be described as "Armageddon" for the energy industry as smaller energy suppliers went bust, larger suppliers pulled all of their energy tariffs leaving energy comparison sites with nothing to show their customers.

As of writing today, Compare the Market is still closed for energy business.

Where The Energy Shop has been featured

With energy suppliers going bust and comparison sites closed for business, our CEO Scott Byrom was in hot demand from the likes of the BBC & Sky News to appear on their programmes. Our founder Joe Malinowski has been quoted in nearly every major online publication from the Daily Mail to The Mirror and our story on rising gas prices even made the front page of The Sunday Times.

Below is a list of coverage with more being added by the day:

National Press

The Guardian

The Mirror

Daily Mail


The Independent

The Times

Evening Standard

This is Money

Gloucestershire Live

Daily Mail

National Radio

Money Box on BBC Radio 4 - (we appear 3minutes, 30 seconds in)

Breakfast Television

Sky News


Which energy suppliers have gone bust?

Our founder has already said "the sector is facing its own version of the 2008 crisis that almost brought down the global banking system." and it is because of this you should keep up to date with which suppliers have or are about to go bust. Visit our full list of UK energy suppliers to find out which suppliers have already gone bust and be sure to check back as we will be keeping the list up to date.

This story is set to go on for a few more weeks and we will be sure to keep you up to date with the latest news. As both Scott and Joe have stated in every media appearance, our advice remains the same...Do Not Panic. Where possible continue to shop around and if you can get a new energy deal that is close to what you are paying now, then snap it up.

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