Who are we?

  Joe Malinowski

Joe Malinowski founded TheEnergyShop.com in 2003, having sold his previous start-up (unravelit.com) to financial services aggregator Xelector plc.

Joe has been active in the energy price comparison market for 20 years. He has now founded 3 energy price comparison businesses; unravelit.com, TheEnergyShop.com and energyscanner.com. Over that time Joe has played an instrumental role in putting in place the systems and processes to allow energy suppliers to post their products online allowing consumers to easily compare and apply for products in a secure, independent and fully transparent way.

Prior to starting his own businesses, Joe spent 10 years in various finance roles in the City. He started his finance career as an investment analyst and find manager for the multi-billion-pound market neutral equity hedge fund of Hermes Asset Management. He moved to UBS investment bank where he performed various senior analysis and research roles in the energy, utilities and telecoms sectors. His research teams were consistently rated in the Top 3 in analyst surveys. His team led the IPO of the Scottish electricity industry and co-led the secondary offering of the UK energy generators. Joe was then promoted to Head of Portfolio trading for Asia.

Joe has a first-class honours degree in Chemistry, an MBA with Distinction from the London Business School and professional qualifications with the Securities Industry and the Institute of Marketing. He is a regular contributor and commentator on energy related matters on TV, radio and in the press.

  Scott Byrom

Scott has worked in the energy market since 2006. He worked for MoneySupermarket.com between 2006 and 2012 helping to launch their energy comparison service as well as leading the launch of "Cheap Energy Club" for MoneySavingExpert after the Martin Lewis website was acquired by MoneySupermarket.com in 2012. Following that, he worked for business energy brokers 'Make It Cheaper' managing their domestic energy website - UKPower.co.uk between 2012 and 2016. Over the years Scott has helped to reshape the energy sector including presenting the concept to Government of QR Codes to be printed on energy bills to make it easier for consumers to compare energy prices accurately. He is a regular commentator on all things energy, often appearing in mainstream newspapers as well as on BBC News, Your Money and Watchdog.

Commenting on joining TheEnergyShop.com in August 2019, Scott said "I'm delighted to be joining up with TheEnergyShop.com. They are the founding member of the Ofgem 'Confidence Code' and Joe and the team have done a great job over the years to grow a brand that is both well-known and well-respected in the energy market. TheEnergyShop.com is a true expert in the field and I'm incredibly excited to take the business forward and continue to fight for consumers to get a better deal on their home energy."

TheEnergyShop lets you compare energy prices for your home.

We've been helping customers switch to a cheaper energy supplier since 2003. We also send our tariff data to the regulator Ofgem. They use it to keep the energy suppliers on the straight and narrow (good luck!).

Finding a cheaper energy supplier with us is effortless.

Our pages work out the best deal in half the time it takes with the other guys. No scrolling, no useless questions, nothing confusing here. Moving Home? Tick the box and we'll do the rest. Bang you're done. Playtime.

How do we do this?

We pull together prices and information from all residential energy suppliers in the UK energy market. Anyone who has ever regretted looking at their energy bill knows that this is not an easy job. Our database contains over 1.1 million distinct energy tariffs with a pricing history that goes back 16 years. We know pain.

We wrap all this data into this state of the art website which automatically returns the best deals to you, according to your personal circumstances and preferences.

What else do we do differently? Firstly, we pack your savings results into a powerful graph. That will give you a sense of what's available and how much you can save in seconds. Click on any deal in the chart, and you'll get the details.

We also invite you to take full advantage of our powerful filtering tool that lets you cut up the data in more than 20 different ways.

When you have found the product you like, fill in the easy online form and your application will be sent electronically and securely into your new supplier's application processing systems. It's as simple as that. And if anything were to slow your application down, which it rarely does, we are on hand to help. No more spending endless time arguing with your energy company.

See what our customers have to say about us on our customer feedback page.

Compare Energy Prices. Switch & Save up to £383!

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