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Forbes June 15th 2020

8 Ways To Future-Proof Your Finances

There are also specialist sites for comparing energy deals, such as The Energy Shop.

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The Guardian April 7th 2020

Major UK gas firms 'unlikely' to pass on wholesale price cuts

For customers with pre-payment meters, they are sending out keys with credit top-ups worth £50, and the reality is that they will probably have to write off those sums.

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This is Money January 21st 2020

Rise in doorstep energy sales

Door-to-door sales are more expensive than those online so it is best to check the internet for deals.

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The Guardian January 10th 2020

Energy bills: switch now to save more than £300

Seasonally, energy prices rise over the winter months, so now is a great time to lock in a low price in case they do.

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The Times March 30th 2019

Energy prices will rise for millions on April 1

The Big Six companies will all raise prices on Monday and millions of us will pay.

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The Times February 2nd 2019

Failed energy companies cost billpayers £171 million

Every customer is paying the price of the too-good-to-be-true deals on offer.

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The Times December 9th 2018

Anyone can sell energy on the cheap, but then the lights go out

Ali Hussain looks at the accounts of the loss-making suppliers that top best-buy tables.

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This is Money December 2nd 2018

Has your energy firm gone bust? Act fast to apply for any refund - and do it before you switch supplier

Underfunded suppliers are known to have been effectively gambling with customers money.

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The Mirror April 10th 2018

British Gas bosses to land juicy £2m bonuses in same month their customers are hit by price hikes

You might as well get as much cash as you can before the cap hits. Fleece them for what you can.

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This is Money February 24th 2018

What happens if your energy supplier goes bust? Don't pay upfront say experts, as a raft of smaller power firms risk failure

Customers should be wary of companies asking for money upfront before they have even taken over the supply of gas and electricity to your home.

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The Guardian March 11th 2017

How free market helped big six energy firms to rack up huge profits

One supplier asks you 28 questions just to get a quote. Why does it take three weeks to change suppliers when you can change mobile phones in a week or insurance even more quickly.

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The Guardian September 10th 2016

Co-operative Energy leads list of energy suppliers increasing prices

This wasn’t supposed to happen to a firm that came to attack the big six. Co-op customers should cut and run.

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The Sunday Times October 21st 2012

The energy bill price rise lottery

... will still be up to 200 following the Ofgem changes. Joe Malinowski, at, said: "There is nothing in the proposals that tackles these complexities. ...Malinowski advises using a cheap fix instead. He suggests Ovo's New Energy...

The energy bill price rise lottery

The Guardian October 19th, 2012

Npower price hike highlights complexity of energy tariffs

...Joe Malinowski of warns consumers to avoid variable rate tariffs. "Prices are only going to rise at this point and variable tariffs allow suppliers to increase their prices even when the product is fixed. Unfortunately, customers do have to be vigilant and be ready to switch if prices rise or if they are nearing the end of a fixed tariff." He adds that customers should opt for a cheap, discounted fixed tariff...

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The Daily Mail October 19th, 2012

Confusion grows over energy bills: Companies MUST tell customers best deals.. but are not obliged to put them on it

...Joe Malinowski, of price comparison website, said: 'The logical conclusion of everyone coming on to one standard tariff is that there will be losers as well as winners - some people will see their bills go up.'

He said the one in four customers who currently shop around for deals save up to £190 a year. They could see their bills go up by just over £100 while most of those on standard tariffs would see theirs fall by £34. ...

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The Guardian October 18th, 2012

How to switch energy supplier

...Part of the problem is that in December 2011 regulator Ofgem forced energy companies to simplify their tariff structures. As well as many companies repricing their cheap online deals upwards, it resulted in many introducing more tariffs than they previously had.

"E.ON is a good example," says Joe Malinowski of the "It withdrew eight products and added nine. When you remember that the old tariffs are still operating alongside the live ones, you end up with a confusing number..."

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BBC Radio 4 October 13th 2012

Energy price hikes

Npower has joined rival British Gas in announcing it is increasing gas and electricity prices in the UK.

Npower will increase the price of gas by an average of 8.8% and electricity by 9.1% from 26 November.

Earlier, British Gas, the UK's biggest energy supplier, raised its charges for both types of fuel by an average of 6%, adding £80 a year to the average dual fuel bill. The firms both blamed the government's policies as well as wholesale prices. Joe Malinowski from TheEnergyShop joins the programme.

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BBC Radio Newcastle Jonathan Miles Show Sep 21 2012

Consumer Help Show

We start with some common-sense advice on switching and end by expressing our deep-seated affection for energy suppliers. Relive the fun we had with the link below!

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The Guardian, Sep 14 2012

Energy bills set to rise again as cheapest deals are withdrawn

Scottish Power's replacement plan, the Online Fixed Price Energy March 2014 costs £1,099, while First Utility has no immediate plans to replace its deal.

This fits into a worrying trend for consumers, with a similarly good value plan from EDF Energy being discontinued at the end of August.

"The cheapest fixed deals are now, on average, £50 a year more expensive than they were one week ago," said Joe Malinowski of

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The Guardian, Sep 20th 2012

Energy bills to rise by up to 30% as cheap tariffs end

"The next month will see a lot of very cheap legacy tariffs coming to an end," Joe Malinowski of TheEnergyShop said. "We are advising that people now go for a fixed-price energy deal as - with across the board price increases expected shortly - a variable deal exposes you to higher bills."

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Sunday Times, Sep 23 2012

Energy bill pain for the elderly

...October 2012 plan will see their average annual bills rise from £904 to £1,170 next month, according to analysis by, the comparison site. EDF, Eon and British Gas customers will also come to the end of their cheap fixes in October...

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Channel 4 Super Scrimpers Programme

For the first episode of the current third series of the leading personal finance programme, Channel 4s turned to us for advice on handling a complicated mis-selling complaint featured in the programme.

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BBC Business News

The average annual bill for average consumption on a standard tariff will be £1,245 this year, according to Joe Malinowski of the comparison website, And he believes bills could be 50% higher again by 2020: "On some relatively conservative estimates on where wholesale gas and electricity prices might be heading, we are looking at bills hitting £1,800 a year for the average household in ten years' time," Mr Malinowski says. "Currently around 8 per cent of the bill compromises environmental and social costs, but that component is going to be escalating quite dramatically." It is estimated that more than six million households are in fuel poverty in the UK. Mr Malinowski fears that figure could rise by another two million by 2020.

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The Guardian

Joe Malinowski, founder of energy price comparison website, said: 'A rapid rise in wholesale gas prices driven by events in the Middle East and Japan means that it is now very likely that we will see further increases in energy prices that will take energy bills to record levels.'

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The Sunday Times

Joe Malinowksi of, the comparison service, said: "It has been more than a year since Ofgem started to urge suppliers to simplify their deals, but there is still a lot of confusion. Ofgem needs to get on with its reforms sooner rather than later."

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The Daily Express

Joe Malinowski of said: "I think we could be seeing another 30 to 50 per cent on the price of a domestic bill. It would be catastrophic."'

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The Financial Times has put together a 5-point checklist to help customer avoid getting ripped off on the doorstep:

1. If you are approached by a doorstep salesperson first check their identity. They should carry an official company badge giving their name and the company that they represent. Take a written note of these details.

2. Get the written quotation before making any decision to switch. Once you have the quotation DO NOT get pressurised into signing up there and then. Instead, arrange for the agent to call back at a later date to suit you.

3. Check out the quote you have been given using a Consumer Focus accredited price comparison website such as The sites are 100% impartial, show all deals from all suppliers, and are regularly audited to ensure that they are accurate and up to date.

4. Do NOT show the salesperson a copy of your energy bill or allow them to come in to read your meter. These have been some of the tricks used by unscrupulous salespeople to get important details about your supply and to switch you without your approval.

5. If the salesperson offers you a special deal that you can't get anywhere else be extremely careful. If you can't find the deal on a price comparison site it either doesn't exist or it is extremely expensive meaning the energy supplier doesn't want you to see how it compares.

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BBC Radio 4 Money Box Programm Live

We are regular guests on the BBC Radio 4 Money Box Programme and BBC News 24. Click for a recent recording of Moneybox on the topic of energy bills.

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The Daily Mail

...Joe Malinowski, founder of energy price comparison website, said: 'A rapid rise in wholesale gas prices driven by events in the Middle East and Japan means that it is now very likely that we will see further increases in energy prices that will take energy bills to record levels.

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The Telegraph

Most discounted tariffs have an exit penalty," said Joe Malinowski of He added that the best tariffs were often open to new customers only. "Switching to the best deal will normally involve going to a new supplier," he said.

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