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TheEnergyShop is a free, independent and totally impartial multi-award winning online service that aims to bring you great deals for your gas, electricity and energy supplies, whatever your circumstances or preferences. We do this by allowing you to compare deals from all energy suppliers on one single site. Our aim is to help all UK consumers get the great savings on their energy bills, quickly, easily and securely.


Switching gas and electricity supplier

Why switch supplier?

Bills and billing

How to convert gas units to kWh

Difficulty with paying your bills

Energy efficiency

Energy meters

Moving home

How to get a cheaper deal


Vulnerable customers

Warm Home Discount


Guide to switching energy supplier

Switching strategy checklist

Energy supplier service ratings

Energy Switch Guarantee

Green energy guide

How to complain to your energy supplier guide

Guide to smart meters

Energy bill saving tips for home movers

Top ten energy saving tips

Energy inflation

Social tariffs explained

Gas and electricity glossary

Meter references explained

MPAS explained

Prepayment meters explained

Which suppliers do you compare guide

Who is my supplier guide

Air conditioner advice

What is the energy fuel mix?

What are fixed price tariffs?

Which payment method for me?

Deregulation History

Peronal Projections and why they are so dangerous


Cheapest tariff for bitcoin mining

Energy Price Cap Promise

Energy bills have bottomed - time to switch

Co-op Energy takes over GB energy supply customers

GB energy supply - What happens next?

What does Hinkley Point mean for energy bills?

Energy cashbacks

How to save more than you spend on your energy bill

Fake Comparisons - Introduction

Personal Projections are so fake

Energy comparison sites reviewed

Fake Savings analysed

How Fake Savings affect consumers

Fake Savings - what now?

Fake Savings - Tables and Appendices

Energy price comparison sites exposed

Personal Projections

Inflated Savings

Energy comparison sites compared

Energy comparison sites - shocking results

Energy suppliers compared

Energy consumers being misled case study

Should energy consumers be compensated?


How to convert gas units to kWh

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