The Big Energy Christmas Shutdown

  • Supplier's best tariffs increasing by 14.4%
  • Savings figures being greatly reduced
  • Three weeks until the market heats back up
  • December notoriously quiet for switching

The energy market is grinding to a halt in the build up to Christmas as energy suppliers pull their cheapest energy tariffs in order to stem the flow of customer acquisitions as they face resourcing issues over the Christmas period.

The global pandemic that has run riot throughout 2020 has meant staff in many industries have accrued a huge stock pile of holidays which are now being used leaving businesses operating on skeleton-staff and unable to handle the usual operational workload.

It is for this reason that is urging consumers to sit tight, enjoy Christmas and be primed to come back to the market in early January when we expect the gloves to be off and better deals to be made available.

Energy prices from some of the UK's largest suppliers now Vs end of November:

Christmas Energy Price Rise

Scott Byrom, Chief Executive Officer for says "Personally, I'd sit back, enjoy the festive period and be ready to make better savings in January when energy suppliers will rush back and position themselves to acquire new customers. We are talking less than 3-weeks and the savings then could be significantly better than they are right now".

The cheapest energy deals from some of the UK's largest suppliers have seen fourteen percent (14%) rises in the past few weeks as suppliers look to throttle back on new customer sign-ups. For example, Shell Energy has increased its cheapest deal by fourteen point four percent (14.4%) from £856.68 a year for both gas and electricity for an average user at the end of November to now costing £979.69. Likewise, E.ON has shifted from £829.30 up to £948.10 – an increase of fourteen point three percent (14.3%).

Scott Byrom, Chief Executive Officer for continues "We have spoken to suppliers large and small and they stress to us that this is a short-term fix over the Christmas period. They will be back with a bang in the New Year so it's then we recommend customers look to switch and maximise their savings".

Factoring in the three week switching period, the majority of UK energy consumers switch their gas electricity during February and March with twenty percent (20%) of the total switches in 2019 completing during these two months alone (1,283,874 customers of 6,453,983).

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