What are online energy plans?

Online energy plans only differ from traditional energy plans in that all correspondence and management of your account is conducted online. This means that once you sign up to your desired tariff online, you will then manage energy bills, record meter readings, and check usage all via the internet. You might also be able to manage your account using a mobile app as part of your package.

Although the plans are posited as 'online', if you do sign up to an online energy plan, you'll still be able to speak to your energy provider over the phone to discuss your account, and you can request paper billing if needed.

What are the advantages of online energy plans?

The most noticeable advantage of taking out an online energy plan is getting cheaper gas and electricity. Energy suppliers generally offer lower rate energy tariffs as they don't need to factor in costs associated with paper billing or manual readings.

Another benefit is the ease in which you can manage your account. You upload all your meter readings online, saving both time and effort. This process also means you provide accurate data to your energy supplier taking away any estimations that can cause bills to fluctuate or be incorrect.

With the removal of paper billing, and no need to send people to take manual readings, online energy plans are also better for the environment and are a greener way to manage your gas and electricity.

Can you save money with an online energy plan?

As everything to do with the account will be managed online, suppliers can offer huge discounts on online energy plans. The can vary dependent on how much they will be saving from cutting out paperless billing and stopping home visits for manual meter readings.

Does having an online energy plan mean I'm getting the best deal?

If you're already on an online energy plan then you should be paying a cheaper amount than the normal energy tariffs offered by your supplier. If you're looking to switch supplier, as long as you have regular access to the internet and are happy to manage your account online, moving to an online energy plan can be a good way to not only reduce your energy bills but have more accurate bills in the future.

But, this alone might not mean you're on the best energy deal for you. The best deal for some customers will mean better customer service, a keen interest in suppliers' green credentials, or need specific tariffs – such as fixed deals, time of day tariffs, or those with no exit fee.

The best way to find the right deal for you is to compare current energy prices. At The Energy Shop, we can guide you on how to switch supplier and get the best tariff that suits your needs. Use our energy price comparison service today to find the best deal for you.

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