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How energy price comparison websites exaggerate savings - Part 7

7. The Findings - Energy Supplier Websites

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Test 1 (Energy Supplier Websites) (Sample size 23)

Results are summarised in Table 3

Big 6 (Sample size 6)

- Only 2 of the Big 6 energy suppliers still quote savings against the customer's current tariff; EDF Energy and npower. In both cases (and much to our surprise) they both used the "true" like-for-like methodology.

- The other 4 (British Gas, E.ON, ScottishPower and SSE) have all now withdrawn from offering comparative quotes and savings against other supplier's tariffs on their websites. For some suppliers this is a new development.

- We believe that the approach the Big 6 are following shows a distinct lack of confidence in Ofgem's "inflated" savings methodology. Having previously been lumbered with large fines for mis-selling, perhaps they don't want to risk getting caught out again.

Other Suppliers (Sample size 17)

The other energy suppliers fall into 3 distinct categories.

- Those that do not offer either online quotes or savings (6)

- Those that offer online quotes but not comparative savings against competitor products (4)

- Those that offer both online quotes and comparative savings (7)

- Of those that offer comparative quotes, three (3) follow the "true" methodology; iSupplyenergy, OVO energy and Spark Energy.

- Of those that offer comparative quotes, four (4) follow the "inflated" savings methodology; Co-operative energy, extraenergy, first:utility and Green Star Energy.

- Suppliers that use the "inflated" methodology, quoted a saving that was £200 greater than the customer would actually achieve in Test 1, and quoted a saving that was between £101 to £158 greater than the customer would actually achieve in Test 2.

Aggregate Results

- In total, of the 23 energy suppliers surveyed, the majority (60%) do not offer comparative quotes.

- Of those that do offer comparative quotes the slight majority (55%) follow the "true" approach.

- Only 4 of 23 energy suppliers follow the "inflated" savings methodology. This is in sharp contrast to the behaviour of majority of the energy price comparison websites.

- It would appear that having learnt the harsh lessons from the past, most of the energy suppliers have taken themselves out of the firing line over this latest potential mis-selling scandal.

Energy suppliers that do not offer online quotes or savings

- Better Energy

- Daligas

- Flow energy

- green energy uk

- LoCO2 energy

- Utility Warehouse

Energy suppliers that offer online quotes but not comparative savings


- ecotricity

- Good Energy

- Zog Energy

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Campaign to stop dodgy and mis-leading comparisons

Support our campaign to stop this dodgy and mis-leading practise.

If you feel you've been given an "inflated" saving by a price comparison website or energy supplier we'd like to know about it.

Please drop us a note.

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