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Fixed 12 Emerald


As of 26 November 2016 GB energy supply has ceased trading. This basically means that it has gone bust.

As of 30 November 2016 Co-operative Energy was appointed by Ofgem to take over GB energy supply customers. You can read more about this, and what it means for you here.

To learn more about Co-operative Energy read our review here.

Our opinion on this tariff

The Fixed 12 Emerald tariff was available for sale between 17 November 2015 and 27 January 2016. Customers on this tariff will see their prices end 12 months after supply start date which will be somewhere between December 2016 and February 2017.

If you are on the Fixed 12 Emerald tariff and Co-operative Energy commit to keeping you on these prices then it is probably best to stay put for now as it was a reasonably competitive offer. However do a comparison first to be sure and, better still, ask Co-operative Energy not to take payments out of your bank account in advance. But please ensure that you do not allow yourself to be switched onto the Co-operative Energy standard tariff as you will see your energy bills hiked by a massive 40%. Please make sure that you have switched away before your tariff end date.

This is a fixed price tariff from GB energy supply. This means that your energy prices will be fixed at the rates you signed up until the tariff ends.

Key features of the Fixed 12 Emerald tariff include:

- Prices fixed for 12 months from your supply start date.

- This is a paperless online billing tariff only. You can not opt for paper bills with this tariff.

- The tariff is available for customers taking gas only, electricity only or dual fuel.

- Payment must be by Monthly Direct Debit only (in advance).

- Be aware that your first direct debit payment will usually be taken before you are even on supply with GB energy supply.

- This tariff is not available to customers with prepayment meters

- There are no early termination fees with this tariff

- GB energy supply is not signed up to the Warm Home Discount Scheme and so will not make these payments. If receiving the Warm Home Discount payment is important to you then you should not sign up for this tariff.

- GB energy supply is not signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee.

- This tariff has been withdrawn from sale and is no longer available for switching.

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