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Blue+Price Protection Jul2017

This is a fixed price tariff from EDF Energy. This means that your energy prices will be fixed at the rates you signed up until the tariff ends.

Key features of the Blue+Price Protection Jul2017 tariff include:

- Prices are fixed until 31 July 2017.

- You will default to online billing with this tariff. You can opt for paper billing after you sign up - it does not affect the price that you pay

- The tariff is available for gas only, electricity only and dual fuel customers.

- Payment options include Monthly Direct Debit, Quarterly Variable Direct Debit and Cash / Cheque quarterly on receipt of your bill..

- This tariff is not available to customers with prepayment meters

- There are no early termination fees with this tariff

- The electricity for this tariff is sourced from low-carbon generation

- Before this tariff ends EDF Energy will contact you to let you know what options may be available to you. You are under no obligation to accept any option they may provide you, in which case they will move you to their cheapest standard variable tariff in market at that time.

- EDF Energy is signed up to the Warm Home Discount Scheme.

- EDF Energy is signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee.

- This tariff has been withdrawn from sale and is no longer available for switching.

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