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The energy market is a risky business. With over 50 energy suppliers offering sometimes unbelievably cheap energy deals, it is very difficult to know which one to choose.

Many of the new energy suppliers have no capital with little or no profits. Many have incurred significant losses. Some will take your money up front and use it to bet on volatile wholesale energy markets?

Here are a few of the questions that energy switchers might want to ask themselves when choosing a new energy supplier.

- Will I be able to easily contact my energy supplier after I switch?

- Which supplier is safe?

- Who will go bust?

- Is my money safe if things go wrong?

We have put together these comprehensive energy supplier reviews to help you answer these questions.

Below is a list of the Energy Suppliers that we cover. Each review provides comprehensive and up to date information covering energy supplier description, energy supplier service ratings, fuel mix disclosures, financial summaries, directors and much more. Click on the name of the energy supplier you are interested in to learn more.

The "Big 6"

British Gas

Sainsbury's Energy (supplied by British Gas)


EDF Energy




SSE Southern Electric

SSE ScottishHydro

SSE Swalec

Atlantic (supplied by SSE)

M&S Energy (supplied by SSE)

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The "Mid-Tier" Firms

Co-operative Energy


Ovo energy

Telecom Plus (The Utility Warehouse)

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The "New Entrants"

Avro Energy

Better Energy


Bristol Energy





Flow Energy

GB energy supply


Go Effortless Energy

Good Energy

green energy uk

Green Star Energy

IRESA Limited


LoCo2 Energy

Octopus energy

Oink energy

PFP energy

places for people energy

Robin Hood Energy

So energy

Spark Energy


Zog Energy