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What to do when your bills don't add up.

When I switch energy supplier, how is the final bill calculated?

Your final bill with your previous energy supplier is based upon the meter reading taken at the time of the transfer. This bill will show how much energy you have used since your last bill, the payments you have made and any balance left to pay. If you have overpaid because previously estimated bills were too high, then the bill will show the credit owed you.

What if I disagree with the final bill from my previous energy supplier?

If you think that you have been overcharged, you should contact your previous supplier and explain why. It would help if you could provide a meter reading on the date that you changed supplier. Your previous supplier should normally resolve the problem for you. If they can't, or you are not happy with their response, then you should contact Consumer Focus who will be able to investigate the matter further for you.

I think my gas or electricity bill is wrong. What should I do?

Firstly, compare the meter reading on your bill with that shown on your energy meter. If the readings are different, contact your supplier and give them the actual reading so they can send you a revised bill.

If you think your meter is faulty, then you can ask your supplier to arrange an independent check. You may be charged for this service; call your energy supplier to check.

If the bill is correct but you can't afford to pay it, then you should contact your supplier and enquire about alternative payment arrangements. You might be able to pay the bill in instalments. See Difficulty with paying your bills for more information.

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