What We Do (and Don't)

We do:

Energy price comparisons.

Energy switching for domestic and business users.

Really helpful customer service.

Tariff data feeds either as data exports or via Web Services integrations.

Co-brands of our site for larger partners (if you think you can do more than 500 sales per month come and talk to us about this service).

What we don't do

We are not an energy supplier. If you need help from your current energy supplier then you will need to call them directly. We can help sometimes, but only if you have used our service first to switch supplier.

We are not a phone directory service. If you are looking for a telephone number for an energy supplier please try one of the many excellent telephone directory services available.

We cannot swap or move your meter for you. This is something you need to address with your energy supplier.

We cannot charge up your prepayment meter. For this, too, you need to talk to your energy supplier.

And (our favourite): We don't sell Acai Berry supplements. Honest!

Compare. Switch. Save. Join millions of homes switching with the UK energy experts.

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