How are we funded?

How does earn revenue? offers a free and impartial service, which allow users to compare energy prices and tariffs from the vast majority of licensed gas and electricity suppliers in the UK (apart from Northern Ireland).

The free part is very important to us, but obviously we need to try and cover our costs (if we can that is because with energy comparisons and energy switching, that isn't easy to do when the regulator tells you to show tariffs for a lot dodgy energy suppliers for free).

Running a complex price comparison site involves databases, application software, servers, hosting, bandwidth, data licences and - most importantly - people, and all of this costs money.

So to (try to) fund this site and to keep the service free to use, we have entered into switching arrangements with a wide range of vetted energy suppliers. Being able to take switches directly on our website benefits our users in a number of ways which are explained below.

How it works?

Each time you make an application to switch gas and / or electricity provider using our website we earn a potential commission. That commission is only payable if the switch completes successfully. We earn between £15 and £30 per fuel for each successfully completed switch. Due to the stringent data standards we run and the energy suppliers we partner with we are pleased to say that the vast majority of switches that we take complete first time.

Just so you know, on average, the commissions we earn are lower than sites like uSwitch, moneysupermarket and moneysavingexpert.

The advantages of using us to switch.

Firstly, it makes the switching process much easier for you because we can accept applications and send them securely and electronically to your new energy supplier. The alternative? Having to chase down different suppliers online, re-inputting all your data again, or waiting in a phone queue for hours only for some agent to try and sell you a more expensive deal. How much is your time worth?

Secondly, if things don't work out with your new supplier then you have an independent record with an independent party (that's us) as evidence of what you signed up to. And, we can help out with the switch process if needed.

Thirdly, it doesn't cost you anything. We don't charge you, and the prices for the tariff you apply for will be the same if you went to the supplier directly.

Finally, we only deal with suppliers that we have researched and vetted. We do not deal with suppliers that have limited capital and use customer's money to gamble on your energy bills. We can't guarantee that all switches go through 100% - that is not under our control. But at least you will be switching to a supplier with a track record or one that is well funded.

How can I tell which tariffs earn you a commission on?

On the results page, some tariffs will have an "Apply" button next to them. An "Apply" button allows you to make an application. If that application goes through successfully then we will earn a commission.

How do your commission deals affect the results I see?

Our search results are defaulted to the partial view. This lists tariffs that we can switch you to strictly in order of average annual spend (over the next 12 months) ranked by lowest annual bill first.

If you opt for the Wider Market View you will see a wider set of tariffs some of which you will not be able to switch to with us. These are also ranked strictly in order of average annual spend (over the next 12 months) sorted by lowest annual bill first.

So commission arrangements absolutely do not affect the way we display tariffs. It does however affect which tariffs we show you on the results page.

Why shouldn't I just switch with the supplier directly?

You could and many do. However, dealing directly with energy suppliers has its pitfalls. We could give you lots of reasons not to go direct but don't listen to us. Take it from someone who went direct and now regrets it.

Here is what poor Dave, who switched to Iresa Energy direct, told us...

"Iresa took money from my account some weeks ago. Since then, despite my repeated emails asking for change over dates from my current supplier, I have received no reply. My only attempt to contact by telephone put me at 163 on the waiting list. after hanging on for 30 minutes I advanced to no 161. Two hours later when I telephoned again I had become number 165. Your comments on exercising caution when dealing with Iresa are, in my experience, amply justified. I regret not reading them earlier!

D R Brown

Commission Arrangements

Just so you know - listed below are the energy suppliers with whom we have commission arrangements.

British Gas
EDF Energy
Green Star Energy
OVO energy
PFP energy
Sainsbury's Energy

And one more thing: does not sell customer data to third parties. Never have. Never will.

Compare. Switch. Save. Join millions of homes switching with the UK energy experts.

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